Why Most Of Students Select MPSC? And FAIL- Must Read

Why Most Of Students Select MPSC? And FAIL- Must Read

MPSC is the simplest way for student, for achieving job dream with specific desire. but most of students are selecting that way because of their parents. each parent wants from student. he/she gets in future like one CLASS one and CLASS two officer, but that parents not thinking about own student. as per MPSC way, firstly parents think about own student. speak with them frankly n then decide which field is better for them. if parent not thinking that then student not brightly touch with MPSC because their dream is other, so firstly parent think about that.

Second way of student choosing that field is , most of student came in that field after graduation. at the graduation level students not aware about educational study. at the moment they realizes that, that time all ready late for study. after graduation students face to real world but that time they have no any option other than job. n that time family also not supported that student, but from graduation level that student not aware study that all work practices.that time student already onward from their safety zone from family. n that time family not supported economically to that student. so some of students get think about MPSC.  for that type of students MPSC is only a way for going back to safety zone under family support up to next 3 to 5 year. after 3 to 5 year completed student not pass in MPSC and they get join a small scale job are ground level.
So that 2 reasons is most impact on MPSC student failure.
If student really want to get a post from MPSC . so be prepare from bottom of heart. After and after that get a chance to MPSC.

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