Weka Software

weka software

Weka Software-

Weka software are used for calculating result with different condition in data mining. The weka software is play important role in industry, That software are open source and gives great graphical user interface to user. That software are basically Java based customized tool. The weka software are mainly used in machine learning programs for calculating a different task. In weka software including lots of data mining algorithms for performing a different task.

Weka software gives four types of GUI for work-

  1. Simple CLI- It gives simple command line interface that allows direct execution of commands.
  2. Explorer-It is an environment for exploring data means display data to user in different format.
  3. Experimenter-That section for performing experiment and conducting statistical test between learning schema. In that stage execution of algorithm are perform.
  4. Knowledge Flow-It is Java based software that are used for machine learning experiments.

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