DBMS-Database Management System


DBMS-Database Management System,Needs and Features of DBMS


Data is a collection of facts that are used for brief data collection about any place, organization or any system.


Database is collection of data in meaningful format. database is in the form of table but managing database without any application gets harder.

DBMS-Database Management System-

DBMS stores data in to the database but in manageable format. DBMS uses managing software for database handle in easier manner. DBMS means managing database easily with different operation. DBMS used for data retrieve to user with user requirement. In DBMS data collected from user and that all data save in database and if data is save successfully then that search,update and delete operations perform on that database with use of DBMS system, without DBMS database handling gets harder for data saving,retrieving and deleting from database.

DBMS consist lots of queries in build for data operations. views,table,schema,report lots of things are used in DBMS for managing data. In DBMS DDL-Data Definition Language, DML-Data Manipulation Language, DCL-Data Control Language and TCL-Transaction Control Language languages are used for data saving,searching and deleting from database successively.

Need of DBMS-

In previous ways data can be collected and stored with paper work, that all record get confused at the time of data retrieve and all process get time consuming. In traditional way the all record saving process get harder because of lots of paper work and not properly records can be handled.

In latest technology computer use the is main focus of any work. computer manages record without paper work and digital format,so records handling gets easier in latest ways. The all data about any organization handled in database format or table format, In that include day to day transactions. The all database are managed with latest technology called DBMS. 

DBMS manages all database with easier way ,In that uses different languages. 

Features/Characteristics of DBMS – 

  1. In DBMS command languages are used that allow to user create, alter and delete database easily. 
  2. In DBMS create a data dictionary in easy way and documentation about that database in simple way.
  3. DBMS support to view functionality that reason the data display with different view and different formation with user requirement.
  4. DBMS supports data manipulation commands then data handling get easy to way.
  5. DBMS manages lots of data in single formation and at a time,thousands of record handled in DBMS at a time in smaller time duration.
  6. DBMS supports Rollback property means confidentiality about any transaction is done successively if any interrupt occur.
  7. DBMS manages distributed database and complicated database structure well in manner.
  8. DBMS manages table connectivity with different keys formations like primary key , foreign key.
  9. DBMS support different types of database file like SQL, MS-access database file etc.
  10. DBMS also checks users authority at the time of database handling, DBMS gives a proper security to data.
  11. DBMS allow to user data back up and data recovery.

Advantages of DBMS-

  1. control data redundancy means that DBMS can not allow to insert record as a duplicate.
  2. sharing data get easier.
  3. Maintain and manage data easily.
  4. Data insertion, updation and searching time required less.
  5. Multiple user access database at a time.
  6. Data backup and recovery featured is advanced in DBMS.

Dis-Advantages of DBMS-

  1. DBMS software require advanced hardware and software that cost is high.
  2. Size of database is day to day increased then storage problem arises.
  3. Need to maintain software.
  4. Employee require knowledge to handle DBMS software.
Popular DBMS Software-
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Access
  • Oracle
  • SQLite
  • Microsoft SQL Server etc.


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