What is WordPress?Now Create A Website Without Learn Any Language


wordpress is simple way to create website. with wordpress theme and plugins. now create own blog with use of different templates.with low price hosting.here you find lots of woocommerce  themes with avada theme and wplocker.


You want to create a website ? And you don’t know any website created language properly? Then solution is here- WORDPRESS.

what is wordpress?

WordPress is a tool that used for creating a websites, Either u don’t know any website creation language, That tool gives you a user friendly look for creating a advanced looking website, Suppose you create personal website with using HTML and CSS and host that website, That website creation time you want as near 1 month, But that all website WORDPRESS created in a just 1 or 2 hour with responsive. They don’t need knowledge about HTML and CSS, Just drag and drop items from wordpress dashboard panel and giving a link to that, That auto created code in backend for website creation.


If you want your website RESPONSIVE means your website open or adjust with screen then you want to learn BOOTSTRAP separately , If you create any perfect website then you learn HTML+CSS+BOOTSTRAP+J SCRIPT for that, But you use that then not need to learn any website creation language, In that is totally open source tool means they are free for download and use. If you have your own domain name and hosting space then you just going to wordpress and open your website on that and create your website in 1 day , If you don’t have your own domain and space then you purchase that from wp.
WordPress is very popular tool use in latest creation , WordPress gives us a various types of ADD-ONS for our website like share add-ons, SEO add-ons etc.
WordPress is not only tool that are used for website creation , Other tools are used for creation a websites also like wix.com but wix also applicable for their own domain and space. they don’t allow other side purchased domain. Also go-daddy gives own website creation tool if you buy domain and space from go-daddy. But from that all tool- this is  good ,flexible and user friendly tool . So guys that the wordpress – now create a website without learn any website creation language.




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