Which Thing Makes ASP and JAVA Languages As Platform Independent As Compare C/CPP? Must Read

Asp and Java programming languages are platform independent as compare c/cpp. We discuss in previous post what is the main difference between platform dependent and platform independent. In short-One language code type in one OS and execute their successful but that code also copy and paste on another OS. If that code execute on that OS. Then that code is called as PLATFORM INDEPENDENT CODE. And if not execute on that OS then that code is called as PLATFORM DEPENDENT CODE. Which thing separate ASP and JAVA from C and CPP we discuss now-


Here we declare both programming languages are platform independent , Means both languages code can run on any OS if that write in one of them OS. yes, that’s right ASP and JAVA code write in one OS and that code also execute in another OS. Firstly see which thing ASP make a platform dependent language.

ASP/C#,j#,vb.net each dot net platform code run on Microsoft Visual Studio Platform . Each language in dot net family that run under COMMON LANGUAGE RUNTIME (CLR). CLR is the heart of dot net platform , Because each code run on dot net platform firstly going to CLR, CLR provide his services like memory management, security, exceptional handling etc. to that code, And after that each code going to compiler called JUST-IN-TIME (JIT) compiler. In dot net each code pass from CLR. For CLR also support CTS(COMMON TYPE SYSTEM) and CLS(COMMON LANGUAGE SPECIFICATION) for handling data type and rules and regulations of languages respectively.

IL Code-

After any code pass from CLR and JIT that code convert in one special type of code that’s called as IL(INTERMEDIATE LANGUAGE CODE) . Also called that as MSIL-MICROSOFT INTERMEDIATE LANGUAGE CODE or CIL-COMMON INTERMEDIATE LANGUAGE CODE. If you write any program in C#  or .net, or j# or any other language relate with dot net CLR convert all that languages code finally in IL code. And that code makes ASP or any other language of dot net family as PLATFORM INDEPENDENT. That IL code run on any OS . If you write code on windows OS and that code u want to run on linux then definitely that code run on linux with help of IL code, And that reason ASP also called as MANAGED CODE LANGUAGE.

Next is JAVA- In dot net family create IL code with help of CLR as similar in java create BYTE CODE with the help of JVM(JAVA VIRTUAL MACHINE). That JVM also provide our services like CLR to java code and create BYTE CODE, That BYTE CODE is PLATFORM INDEPENDENT. And Also JAVA called as MANAGED CODE LANGUAGE. 


In last see, Why C/CPP called PLATFORM DEPENDENT
C and CPP both languages run with any special operator like CLR or JVM, they have directly run on OS, Their compile run with the use of local OS help, So that languages not create any code for another OS execution, So if you write any code on windows os then that code always run on same os, Not run on any other os, because C and CPP execute our code with the help of local OS, Because of that C and CPP called as UNMANAGED CODE LANGUAGE.
That all reason ASP and JAVA called as PLATFORM INDEPENDENT LANGUAGE as compare C and CPP.
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