What Is Website Session? Must Read


session are used to store information about page.session meaning that store page information and post to next page if you want to retrieve. In website creation session is more important. Most of ways Session is used in DYNAMIC WEBSITE. We know all in dynamic website used database for storing data. That all data accepted from user and then that all data save in database. So come to our question what is sessions meaning?

It mainly a type of STATE MANAGEMENT. It is used in any website, Most of time you fill the exam form or any MPSC/UPSC or any type of exam form. That time if you fill one page and you going to next page. In 1st page you feel your all personal information, But in that page not give a SUBMIT OR SAVE button . That page show NEXT button, That time you going to next page but that time 1st page, all information not save in database. That all page information save in SESSION for some time. After you feel 2nd page information then in that page you show SUBMIT/SAVE button. If you click on that button then your 1st page information, i.e. that information and 2nd page information successfully save in database. From that all you notify.

session meaning-

It is used for storing information if data carries from 1 page to another page.you going to 2nd page then 1st page storing data [saved DATA], also going to 2nd page and then save in database if you click on SUBMIT/SAVE.
Any website working with session then that website some data. also store in session for some time, that also used for login. Just open your Facebook account then you enter your ID and PASSWORD then in session copied your ID.,And pass that ID to next home page and only show that particular ID record to you, From login page to main page session store your ID for open your particular record.
In most website like banking. That also used for WEBSITE TIMEOUT, You see most of time you search on 1 page and after,some time give a popup message SESSION TIMED OUT-LOGIN AGAIN, that also used for giving a website timeout time, Suppose, In any website assign session timeout is 5 min then user open one page and not interact with that page more than 5 min , then that page automatically disconnect from server and show message SESSION TIMEOUT. Most of time session timeout is used in BANKING WEBSITE , Because on idle page hackers chance to hacking so best solution give a session timeout,to that website.user not use that page more that timeout time then auto disconnect from server. ?It play a key role in website for security. Also COOKIES is play a important role in that all, What is cookies and how they harmful to user that all see in our next post. So be connect with us guys and give a comments on post.  
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