What Are The Actual Difference Between HTML and PHP? Must Read

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If we think for creating a website then definitely we first prefer HTML. Because HTML is give us simplest way for creating a website in real world. also HTML become their latest versions HTML5. for that HTML become a simplest way to create a website. but each programming language in computer world have its own drawbacks.
HTML is a basically client side scripting language. If you write any code for web page then that code run on client machines and gives output to you. If you write code for web page in HTML then that code runs in any browser. but that all web page looking like a simple design. Because of that reason we attach CSS for that web page for create a advance design. HTML give us a simplest way for creating a website. In previous post i was noted that HTML only use for creating a static website. So you learn about what is the difference between STATIC and DYNAMIC website read my post for that.click here If you create any any web page in html that page directly run on browser. That not need any special WEB SERVER for run that code. In any OS you can write HTML code then that OS supports HTML code and run that code on machine after that display output in to browser.




HTML support mainly for STATIC websites that all drawback recover in PHP. PHP means  HYPERTEXT PRE-PROCESSOR in earlier that also called as PERSONAL HOME PAGE. At that moment HTML working STOP- from that stage PHP working START because PHP support DYNAMIC website creation. If you want to create a dynamic website then you just create that all website in HTML looking as STATIC but after that you want to attach DATABASE for data interchanging or data save from client and retrieve data to client from server that time you can write code in PHP. Most of time FRONT END coding for any dynamic website. do in HTML and after that BACK END database coding handle in PHP. 


PHP is a SERVER SIDE SCRIPTING language means if you write code any code in PHP then that code directly run on SERVER. Your all website code run on server side, In my next post i will clear the actual difference between SERVER SIDE and CLIENT SIDE SCRIPTING difference. So PHP basically refer SERVER SIDE SCRIPTING. At the time you want a database with any website then most of time you have 2 options PHP or ASP. But PHP is widely used for creating DYNAMIC WEBSITES because PHP is a OPEN SOURCE language. If u create any web application or website in PHP then not need any licence software for that, You can just free code editor and write code in that very well. 
I declare before HTML not need any PERTICULER WEB SERVER for run website code. but PHP require one web server for run code . If you write any code in PHP then that code going to that web server and after that code display or your website display on browser. For PHP run lots of free open source servers available on web like XAMP, WAMP, APACHE etc..You just download it any work on it. PHP support SQL database connection for database work mainly. You also used PHP for creating a WINDOWS APPLICATION or DESKTOP APPLICATION but that way not used widely.
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PHP code is simple and user friendly. And most important PHP is a open source so if you develope any website in PHP then no any complaint with for that as compare ASP. Because if u want to create any website ASP the u firstly need to purchase MICROSOFT visual studio SOFTWARE and then you work on it. After PHP come in market from that time all developer given a best choice to PHP for creating dynamic website. So guys thats the all history about PHP.

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