Types of Database System

types of database system

Types of Database System-

DBMS can used in Real world for management of data with user different requirements. The database storage and access of data differently from each other. That database type is depend upon hows data are stored and how is the access from user. The database type is as follows-

  1. Centralized Database
  2. Distributed Database
  3. Client Server Database

1. Centralized Database-

In centralized database all computers are in DBMS systems are attached to one common database system. The database are located in center of the DBMS system. The other all systems connected and accessing data for working from that centralized database. Centralized database are easy to use because the all data are saved in centralized database and manage well.

2. Distributed Database-

The distributed database are opposite of centralized database. In distributed database one database system is divided into multiple database files and that files are open for access to user. The one database can divide into multiple databases in DBMS system that called as distributed database system.

3. Client Server Database System-

In client server database system only client can access that database directly for working. The database cannot be split for another clients. Every client assign separate database for their working area. As compare centralized database and distributed database the client server database is faster because no any media is between client and server. They are direct connection made from both client and server.

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