Sequence Mining

Sequence Mining-

Sequence mining is used for discover patterns from large database. sequence mining is usable Discover pattern from large database,if you contain a large database with different transaction but in sequence mining the all transaction comes with sequentially factor. In retail market sequence mining is most important for reaching which customer purchase which item sequentially. The sequence mining is a part of data mining algorithms and that are used for finding a future outcomes form transnational database. In transnational database lots of transactions are saved from sequence mining that all transactions are observed and finding only a sequence patterns from that large database. The sequence is very common type of data structure that can be found in many domains like Retail Industry, manufacturing industry, customer relationship industry mainly.



In table shows that 5 transaction with name 100 to 500. In that item list given with transactions. The Most Sequentially item purchased from that transaction is represented as sequence mining.

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