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SEO content and seo writing is the way for filtering our website. seo content writing play important role in blogging websites. The seo articles are fastly ranking on google search console.Lots of seo content strategy is used for better ranking.Any website with seo friendly content then that website readability is good for reader.here we discuss seo article writing important factors.

SEO content

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The SEO is a tool used for getting traffic to our website.The organic traffic means without sharing your website or blog link to any one personally or socially.After SEO google automatically stands your website content and with user requirement our blog show in google search.If visitors want any information relate our post content then visitor enter topic keyword in google search window then google display our blog to google search window automatically.

If we create any blog or website then SEO attach with that simply.Your website create in wordpress then lots of plugins used for SEO. Yoast plugin mostly used for SEO content. If we want attach SEO to any website,then from our content select one of best keyword.on that keyword write SEO  for our blog post.keyword selection is important for ranking-for that small bit of study important.On internet lots of keyword planner tools is available for finding best keyword for SEO.

keyword Planner-which keyword search again and again on google or internet by visitors is seeing in keyword planner.one of best keyword find from keyword planner and then write a best article on that for good result with SEO.

SEO writing Types-

1) Onpage SEO-
Better result for ranking we arrange keyword in post and page description in our page thats called onpage SEO.

2) Offpage SEO-
Some times need to work on our post from out of our website.like backlinks.

Backlinks-Backlinks means referring our post from another website. eg-guess our friend also a blogger then visit their website and in their post comment refer our website post link for visit.That all are important for linking and referencing websites to each other.

Advantages of SEO articles-

1)Better content writing SEO is important.

2)Google page ranking is important for our website. SEO is a best way to rank our website on google.

3)A perfect readability maintain SEO is important on website post.

4)Maintain our website repo on google or internet then SEO is a beat way for that.

5)Trafic is a key hole to our website.we SEO our each post in website then conform traffic comes to our post.

If we use Google Adsense then SEO is the the best way for lots traffic to our website.


The SEO tool is used for optimize our website and post for better readability on internet.That also used for getting a legal organic traffic to website on google search engine.


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