Ms-Access and Features of Ms-Access


Ms-Access and  Features of Ms-Access-

Ms-Access is a Database Management system provided from Microsoft. In Microsoft office suite the Ms-Access is in-build application that are used for handling database system. In Ms-Access jet database engine are work for better functionality. They provide form functionality to user for data access and storing that data in database with simplest manner. The Ms-Access is the best orientation for database handling in real world. In Ms-Access the front end is created with use form and database created with database functionalities. In that also report generated for later use.


Features of Ms-Access-

  1. Ms-Access allows to user create table, form, report and so on.
  2. The forms in Ms-Access allow to user easily insert record in to database.
  3. That system supports to user for complex calculations and query.
  4. Ms-Access provide to user, If user requirement then combine tables and show data from multiple table also.
  5. The best feature of Ms-Access is Reporting tool. The Ms-Access provide the reporting if required.
  6. Easily import data from multiple sources.
  7. The Ms-Access developing tool provide flexibility and user friendliness in work.


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