In Which Programming Language Used In PUB-G Creation?

In real world most of languages used in gaming platform, PUBG is latest blockbuster game for young generation , PUBG game was developed by Brendan Greene, In game platform PUBG game assign a extra star to gaming industry, We already discuss Google also come in gaming industry with STADIA, The gaming platform becomes a hard to handle new generation expectation , In that all PUBG give a various functionality to user for feel thrill. So, come to our question in which language PUBG game created-
For PUBG  game most of coding write in C++ and JAVA paltform, Because in gaming industry JAVA is a key language that are supported to gaming, But one think is note here C++ is a object oriented language , The CPP is the main base of JAVA platform, In java all directories referring from CPP, JAVA language is used for creation in PUBG , But for server side scripting PYTHON language code are used in PUBG , For that reason PUBG  get secure and hacking less language in real world. But it conforms that PUBG used UNREAL ENGINE-4 platform, That platform is a special gaming creation IDE for game creation. The UNREAL ENGINE-4 IDE referred from EPIC creation. That all things makes a PUBG  game powerful.
Last but not list, JSCRIPT , In that day not any website or any gaming created without JSCRIPT . JSCRIPT is a master mind tool for any website or any application for learn to behavior to it.
That all basic languages are used in PUBG  creation, But most of referral says that, PUBG  not create in a one particular language , They all says the PUBG  created in different languages, But real think is that PUBG  created in main 3 type languages that is C++, JAVA, PYTHON . In PUBG  all API used from java for original code and python used for server side behavior.  Skip that all definitely used other languages but that all not used major part they all used as a minor part in PUBG.
For in gaming platform most of fallowing languages are used for create a game-
1) CPP
3) C#
Also used a WEB languages like
2) CSS
If u want to carrier in GAMING platform so be correct your base languages and focuses on them CPP, JAVA, JSCRIPT- That’s the key info for learner.
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