Different types of Database Users

database users

Different Types of Database Users-

Data base user type is depends upon whose interact with DBMS system and why. Hows use a user that DBMS system is describe the type of user mainly.The different types of database is as fallows-

1. Database Administrator(DBA)-

DBA is totally responsible for handling schema definition from database. DBA handle the 3 levels of DBMS system mainly. DBA is totally responsible for handling security of database system. DBA can work on backup a database and recovery of database if fails.

2. End User-

End user is a main part of DBMS system because all DBMS system can use that user. That user don’t have any knowledge about database, He can only interact with DBMS as a handler of that software mainly. example- Clerk of bank is a end user, Ticket booking employee is a end user .

3. System Analysis-

That is part of company employee. system analysis is a bridge between user and DBA team. If any problem occur to user then system analysis  can meet to end user and understand that problem and discuss that problem to DBA team for solution.

4. Database Designer-

That user is totally responsible for design a database for DBMS system. They can create a back-end for software mainly.

5. Application Programmer-

That user work for create a front-end for DBMS system mainly. In that phase designing task and coding task completed for DBMS system. The application programmer can join front-end to back-end.


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