Difference between Data, Information and Database



Information is in the form of news,Knowledge. information is a collection of facts that are used as information. the group of information is create a useful report for giving a better decision for future.the information contains any organizational or any business fact information, it a way to express a knowledge towards that fact.Information collected from various ways like newspaper,internet,television,books etc. Information  not decide a proof about that fact-that only a brief writing report about that fact.data is collected in information and used for decision making.



A collection of facts is called as data. data is in the form of not meaningful information. It is in the form of statistical report or diagrammatic report or any graphical report. data is not a confidential report for giving better decision about organisation. Data contains numbers,statements or report. data also in the form of table.In analysis data plays important role for better decision.data is a not a final output.

Difference between Information and data



Sr. No Information Data
1 Information is a cleaning of big data. Data is a not meaningful information .
2 Information in the form of newspaper,internet,book etc. Data in the form of report,document,graph or diagram.
3 Information is used for giving final decision. Data is not used for giving final decision.
4 Information is a second level of knowledge. Data is low level of knowledge.
5 Information directly used for final decision. Data not used for final decision.
6 Information is good explained format. Data is not good explained format.
7 Information plays important role in organization. Data don’t play important role in organization.


Database is a collection of meaningful data that was used for specific purpose.database support to digital storage. The meaningful data can be stored in the form of tables. Database is used for giving a decision from records. database in the form of tables and all records in the can be stored in row and columns mainly.

Ex.-A telephone directory is a best example of database . In telephone directory all phone number represented with users name in table format. That directory used for giving a better decision to user.

Database mainly manages,deleted or manipulated by users.database is a proof information about that organization.database mainly in the form tables and they are used for storing information from user.

Different types of database are used like-

1. Distributed databases:

In that database centralized database was divided in to two or more database. Single database file sharing to many computers.

2. Relational databases:

In that database system all database files are connected and related with each other and they share data with each other.

3. Centralized database:

The centralized database share to other all computer system.

4. Open-source databases:

That database file open to all company employees for access.

5. Graph databases:

In that database file all data are in the form of graphical.


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