DFD-Data Flow Diagram


DFD-Data Flow Diagram-

DFD is a graphical diagram that are helps to identify a representation of data flow of any system. In DFD diagram symbols are used for representing a data flow from one entity to another entity. DFD indicating input data and output data of any system with process. Specific operations denoted here with use of different symbols. DFD diagram is very popular in real world industry because of it is easy and basically used for visualize the which entities involve in software and hows they share data with each other.

Components of DFD-

1. Entity-

Entity is a real name of any business components, place, thing or any important fact of organization Example-In college management system Teacher, Student, Department is a entity name and they describe important information about college system. Entity is a source and destination of any system and they denoted with rectangle.

2. Process-

Process is operation on entities and also process describing the sharing data flow about entities. They also describing activity or action performing on entities and they indicating with circle.

3. Data Flow-

Data flow declares the data direction from source to destination.

4. Data Storage-

That component are used for indication storage data information about project.


dfd symbol

Types of DFD-

1. Logical DFD-

It is used for describing a logical structure of any project. In logical level all detail study define in DFD diagram.

2. Physical DFD-

In that diagram the physical and storage information are basically declare, as compare logical DFD physical DFD is easy to maintain.

Levels of DFD

In DFD mainly 3 levels are occurred-

  1. 0-level DFD
  2. 1-level DFD
  3. 2-level DFD

0-level DFD-

That DFD is simple in manner and they abstract a very large information about project. They only shows a relevant information and entity about project.

1-level DFD-

0-level DFD broken here with detail manner. 1-level DFD defines the various declaration about that project.

2-level DFD-

It is a detail part of DFD, In that level all project defines in detail with each and every operations.



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