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Data mining is important factor in industry.web mining is similar as associated rule mining tools is used for find different algorithms with use weka tool and warehousing and data mining is a base of industrial science.

Data Mining-

It used for in most widely used in industry.DM process gives a way for find our best data from data warehouse, Data Mining Uses, Advantages we discuss here also discuss data warehouse concepts. Data warehouse architecture and Data mining tools is most important term used in real world industry. We discuss here a real time example of data warehousing and data mining for better understanding. Suppose SBI BANK work daily in their working hour, In that working hour the SBI bank do lakh’s transaction in daily schedule. SBI bank starts on 1 july 1955 , from that time to till date guess how many transaction work in SBI bank.

web mining-

That all transaction data saved in one place or many place, SBI bank divides their work in their sub branch, and all sub branches handle their co-branches data and transaction, Each sub branch store daily transaction history in that branch main computer or server, Suppose SBI divides in 80 sub branches in world then data saved in 80 computer/server, That data stored from starting data of that branch means some data from 1955, That all data is important for future use, So that all 80 branches data stored in one place that all over data called as DATA WAREHOUSE.

data warehousing and data mining-

In that data warehouse data stored for SBI from 1955 to till a date, So that all data handle in one place that’s called data warehouse. In that data warehouse all data like document, presentation, video, audio, or any other important data stored.Now we discuss about  web mining.If SBI needs a information from past data, But that all data stored in Data Warehouse, And the data warehouse is not store small amount of data.

Application real time example-

Suppose in data warehouse store 1000000GB data and SBI need a past information from that total store, Then that time DM concept is used,that is used for retrieve a meaning full information from large amount of data, If you want only 1MB data from that total data warehouse, Then that time use data mining, For searching a meaning full data from data warehouse use data mining’s 6 method for search data and display in GRAPHICAL format, That 6 methods mainly divide in 2 categories-

1) Descriptive

A) Association rule mining
B) Clustering
C) Summarization

A) Classification

B) Prediction

C) Time-Series data mining

weka tool-

That 6 methods are used for data search and display from that large amount of data warehouse. used GUI method for display data to user and that data show in the form of graph, pi chart , bar diagram etc., And because of that the all data shown from DM are understand very well to user with use of weka tool. If that technology is not use in latest technology then we want to retrieve information with the use of traditional way in that also we want to use SQL-queries for data retrieve. But In Data Mining use that 6 methods algorithms with statistical method and show result easily.

associated rule mining

Data mining also used in MACHINE LEARNING AND ARTIFICIAL INELEGANCE. In latest IT jobs the DATA ANALYSIS OR DM and DATA WAREHOUSING BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE is new tread for carrier with use of association rule mining.


In market lots of tools are used in that process like R,R2,Weka tool etc. also weka machine learning is used in real time industry that all tool is used to data processing in data mining, In that all tool all ready available all that algorithms with statistical work and display result in graphical format. That services provide lots of benefits in data distribution.

Data Mining in Machine Learning-

DM machine learning is a best way to find data distribution in multiple ways. In IT industry most of tools are used for database and data warehouse management.That is also use in web mining techniques for distributing data in well format, In data mining process include dm and knowledge discovery for distributing data in different format with graphical representation.

Business Use-

DM applications are used to in business with name weka software and r tool .Actually DM concept coming from knowledge discovery, knowledge discovery is also used for distributing data from large data and finally gives a proper result to user, That DM coming from the knowledge discovery .

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