Data Independence

data independence

Data Independence-

Data Independence is working for two types of schema. Data Independence fallows the ability if the one schema definition working well without affecting the schema definition in the next level is called as data independence.

Data independence separate the data program from the conceptual schema and internal schema from each other. If any problem occur in conceptual schema at the time of execution the data independence working for that situation and the affection of conceptual schema not affected to internal schema. same as if any problem arises in internal schema then that problem not affected to conceptual schema. The Data independence is totally responsible for maintaining that interrupt at the time of working or any problem arises.

There are 2 types of data Independence-

  1. Logical/Conceptual Data Independence
  2. Physical/Internal Data Independence

data independence

We describe each level in detail as fallows-

1. Logical/Conceptual Data Independence

In logical independence that level is totally responsible for execution and the important task about DBMS system. They working independently from physical data Independence. If any problem arises logical or conceptual schema then data independence not affected that problem in to Physical schema.

2. Physical/Internal Data Independence-

Data Independence is totally responsible for don’t interacting these two schema with each other.physical data independence in that declared hows the actual data can be stored in database but physical data independence do not interact with conceptual schema at the time of failure or working.


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