cryptography||symmetric encryption||asymmetric encryption and cipher code

cryptography is more important because of cryptology not available then your any code not secretly flow on internet, We all know if any data we give to internet that all data is pass to internet with public key cryptography and cipher code.Cryptography(symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption)is the stream in computer science that are totally used for interchanging data or information with some secret code,cryptography and network security  and des encryption also used for secure data.also we see types of encryption. If any user use email and they give email id and password, Then user click on sign in , After that that all information flow on internet and then going to email server and check that credential correct or not, But if that all credential flow on internet then lots of HACKERS already on internet whose watch on your credentials that time they find your credential and hack your account.

cryptology Example

you use any INTERNET BANKING credential for money transfer that time your credential see on internet then your account definitely hack, For that all if any your credential flow on internet then our topic means CRYPTOGRAPHY work for our credential, If cryptography works on any data then that data not show any user and if any condition they show then that credential not show with their original way they show with as a code, That all code not simple for calculate and show original credential.

cryptography types-

Lets see hows cryptography works. In cryptography 2 types works with name –



We discuss each type with explanation-

1) Encryption and Types of Encryption

If you use internet then your data can pass to internet with security in encryption. We discuss the process of encryption and decryption with one example. If you enter your Email-Id and Password on gmail or any email portal, Your password is flow on internet after you click on Sign-In. That password is something 1234, So that password after clicking Sign-In converted in some coding format with the help of ENCRYPTION. Encryption convert that all password in not readable format . In Encryption all ready write lots of algorithm for converting that password character into not understandable format, Suppose our password is 1234 then before that password going to internet that password converted in coding format like that string “ah6s/’]082GU663973JK55378HKjhdj73%^^$$$$@@mHYngsgd”,So don’t any HACKER read that string because that all string in coding format, Encryption convert all password 1234 into that format because in encryption already write algorithms for converting each number and character in coding format.
Encryption convert all credential information in coding format.

cipher code-


2) Decryption-

Decryption is totally opposite process of Encryption, In Server encrypted string are receive then that string in not readable format then that time Decryption convert that all string from unreadable format to readable format.
In encryption encrypted string is “ah6s/’]082GU663973JK55378HKjhdj73%^^$$$$@@mHYngsgd” then in Decryption that all string is converted into readable format “1234”.
So process of password after you enter Sign-In is first ENCRYPTED and after that DECRYPTED.
cryptography, Encryption, Decryption

¬†That’s all process describe the process of Encryption and Decryption.

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