Comparison of file processing system with DBMS


File Processing System-

File processing system get harder to handle as compare DBMS .handling of file management system is get time storage and retrieve get difficult in file inserting and manipulating data process is need to lots of steps.file system not give a data recovery and data backup facility to user.file system not give security option to data.file system not gives a security to data. DBMS take care of data redundancy.

DBMS System-

DBMS is a collection of meaningful data and that all data stored in tabular format in well manner. the data insertion,updation and deletion get easy as compare file system. DBMS giveĀ  a different and formation to user.DBMS gives a data recovery and data backup facility.DBMS gives a security to data.DBMS take care of data redundancy.


Sr No. File System DBMS System
1 File system contains meaningful and unused data. DBMS contains a meaningful data.
2 file system shows data information file storage size to user. DBMS not shows data information and storage information to user.
3 file system not support backup and recovery mechanism DBMS supports backup and recovery mechanism.
4 file system not a proper security to data. DBMS gives a good security to data.
5 In file system data saving and retrieve process is hard. In DBMS data saving and retrieving process is easy and user friendly.
6 file system not caring about data redundancy. DBMS always take of data redundancy.

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