Classification and Prediction-Model Construction and Model Usage

model construction and model usage

Classification and Prediction-


Classification is means that the class name and object name are known in classification model. The lots of data are available in database and with use of classification predict future values for giving a better decisions. Classification data giving from transnational database with different attributes.


prediction means giving a current data with descriptive manner and predict a future outcomes for or that data.

Process and Model Construction of Classification-

Model Construction-

The model construction defines the all predefined classes that are related with each other and all training set data from large data. The sample data are collected from that training set data. The model represented with classification rule. Decision tree for mathematical formations for better output.

In model construction the all training data is available and that all data is giving to classification algorithm that algorithm are giving to classifier model and classified model defines a classified data well in manner.

model construction and model usage

Model Usage-

In model usage that are used for classifying future outcomes with unknown object. In that method known label compare with unknown data and predict a final result. Accuracy rate is checked with over fitting condition.The model usage is defined as testing data are giving to classifier. That classified are tested data with accuracy of that data and they confirm the classification is done with accuracy.

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