Why HTML Language More Popular For Website Developing As Compare PHP and ASP?

Why HTML Language More Popular For Website Developing As Compare PHP and ASP?


Html is used for static website creation. HTML is only friendly used as compare php and asp. All tags are simple and eassy in hml. HTML is the simple language used for developing a web pages. For website develop lots of languages are used like ASP,JSP,PHP etc. But It is simplest language used for website creation. HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language. That language provide different tags for creating a website. So come to our question why that language is most famous website developing language?. because every website creation complete after that website needs to host, hosting means our website upload at one place.from that place all visitors visit that website with your website domain name(A particular name for your website). After we host our website that time visitors visit our website at that time website coding loading and response time of our website is more important. Each and every website wants to give a small amount of time for response to visitor because of in that competition world time is important. so your website needs a less response time for display to visitor.

Simple to use- 


HTML is a lightweight language because of their tags. That things support to HTML for rank that language in top. If we create a website in static view so that website coding gives a less response time and also give a good functionality to our website.

In HTML lots of tags like- <img>, <href>, image-map, list tag, Text formatting tags. <p> tag, or many more tags are work user friendly with developer. But you create a website in HTML .That website only create a one frame for your creation, For advanced designing you must use CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) . If you use CSS in your website . So your website looking like IDLE, CSS gives us a advanced designing factor to our website. Also we can use J-Script for advanced designing also.


One side HTML gives a good response time and user friendliness. Then next side HTML also bit dis advance for Supporting a DYNAMIC WEBSITE. That mostly support  static websites.(Difference Between Static And Dynamic Website?)HTML not support most of time for Dynamic Websites. because of that we redirect to PHP, ASP for dynamic website. HTML with traditional ASP database connection is possible but most of time that not support. That reason HTML not fully support for database handling.


If you create a static website like any organisational website or any particular industry website so be going with that simple way. As compare ASP and PHP, Both these languages are used when you working on DYNAMIC WEBSITES with databse. And that both languages are Server Side Scripting Languages so their response time is more hard as compare HTML. It gives you simplest way with less response time configuration.


If you want to come in website developing so you first  learn that simple way. because is a best practice for entry in website design.
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