What is Website Cookies computer? Must Read

What is Website Cookies computer? Must Read

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Here we clear a topic Website cookies used in  computer, website we need to and the all types of that all, The actual use in real world.Website cookies It is the part of state management, There are differently task as compare session,that also used in cookies in web technology.our previous post we see what is session? and how its work. web Cookies is nothing but small amount of memory allocated to data for storing important information.now lets start to understand about cookies.

Website cookies computer-

Each computer/laptop browser allocate the small amount of memory to websites. Website all important information about that website stored successfully. cookies mainly store relevant information about that website, If any website need user name and password for login then that type of all credential information store in cookies, At the time of login website ask us for “Remember Me”, Then that time all login information stored in cookies. Next time user going for login then cookies automatically fill their login information in to that website successfully. Also that are used for “CART” value store in E-Commerce websites. In browser our website search history and our website credential and important information stored in cookies.

website cookies-

 It is best for user because they store information on user computer, But they also harmful to any user, Suppose, Any hacker hack your personal computer then after hacking they firstly attack on your PC’s COOKIES, Because they know the all important credential information about that user store in cookies , Then hacker firstly attack on your Cookie, You use any banking website daily for your money transaction like fund transfer, online payment etc then your Banking website username and password stored in cookies, But some cases if hacker hacking your computer then firstly going to your cookies section and access your INTERNET BANKING username and password and miss use of them. Cookies is also good or also bad for computer user.

web cookies-

It storing size is to small. Cookies size applied to each domain separately, Also their size depends upon which browser you use. Like chrome has no limit for cookies size for domain,Also Firefox has no limit for cookies for per domain. Internet explorer allow 4.096 to 10,234  bytes, Opera allow 4,096 bytes, etc. It is harmful to your PC so in one week clear you browser cookie. And be alert for hacking , Don’t use dangerous websites and unknown website on your personal browser.And after using Internet Banking clear your cookies.
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