Finally Google Comes In Gaming Platform with Name “STADIA”.

Finally Google Comes In Gaming Platform with Name “STADIA”.
Google Stadia

Google introduce game with name stadia. download pub g game fast. pub g download, stadia download.Yes, that’s true Google come in gaming platform, And we all always know if google come in any platform then all over become a  extreme. In “GAME DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE (GDC)-2K19” Google finally announce we are coming in gaming industry with name “STADIA“.
STADIA is a platform like Microsoft XBOX or Sony PLAY STATION. It is not depending upon any hardware , That all game perform without any hardware just work on keyboard of your laptop. Game launches on youtube with user friendly screen resolution. Google already declare STADIA work simply in low resolution like 720px , So that gaming platform purely good for gaming idiots. That run a live playing on youtube, Youtube is also a Google product, because of that google gives best resolution options with our youtube.

STADIA works with command GOOGLE ASSISTANT ?

Google Assistant

Yes, Google explore that STADIA platform all game performing with GOOGLE ASSISTANT . The all games play with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Means we just say “Run”, “Fight” , “Move” and so on commands with Google Assistant and STADIA works simply with that.  All things are new in STADIA . Google Assistant give a STAR to STADIA. Google say that- STADIA  firstly launch in EUROPE, UNITED STATE, CANADA, UK. Here google launches their BETA version and after that success Google launches STADIA  in world wide. Also say in June-2019 we can announce the STADIA launching.Still not declare actual date of STADIA  launching and price of that gaming, So that all are suspense for us. That company always try for new things and new innovation that make our entertainment joy full and simple, So that announcement also a surprise package for all of us. We wish STADIA rapidly cover all world and also come fast in India for Indian user.

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Amol Shinde

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